With these historical research laid as a foundation, two workshops were conducted to extract the core personalities of Kai Tak and to start a dialogue with government stakeholders. We asked participants to imagine Kai Tak as a person and to write down adjectives to describe its personality. From these keywords, consisting of wide-ranging and often opposing opinions, a mind map was developed to determine a set of Creative Principles that make up the six personalities.

A second workshop was held to explore design concepts. The main purpose of the workshop is to stimulate greater interest in the participants and to familiarise the them with the methodology. The most interesting aspect that all groups agree on is the wish to be close to Victoria Harbour. All groups designed facilities that lessen or even erase physical demarcations (common in Hong Kong due to concerns for health and safety) between land and sea and this reveals something significant. KTD being such an anticipated urban planning project, the first and possibly the last, given the sheer scale, and more importantly, its proximity to the Harbour, is a chance to return the coastline and the waters to the enjoyment of the people.