Street Naming Scheme

Through street naming, we would preserve the memories of Kai Tak. With the concept of the Current of Vitality, a system is devised that presents the tree in the broadest of senses. This allows for the spirit of the waterside tree to be shown. Furthermore, the proposed street naming system aims to integrate the streets with the surrounding areas being respectful to the existing historical and cultural contexts.

The street naming scheme for Kai Tak Development is divided into two main sections: the main motorways and roads within the Kai Tak City Centre. Two systems will be implemented to highlight the planning intent of the sub-zones and the theme of the 'Current of Vitality'.

  • D2 路
    承啟道 Shing Kai Road
  • D3 路
    承豐道 Shing Fung Road
  • D4/L10 路
    承昌道Shing Cheong Road
  • L3A 路
    沐虹街 Muk Hung Street
  • L3B 路
    沐翠街 Muk Chui Street
  • L4 路
    沐安街 Muk On Street
  • L5 路
    沐寧街 Muk Ning Street
  • L6 路
    沐泰街 Muk Tai Street
  • L7 路
    沐禮街 Muk Lai Street
  • L9 路
    沐恩街 Muk Yan Street
  • L11 路
    沐元街 Muk Yuen Street
  • L15 路
    沐縉街 Muk Chun Street
  • L16 路
    沐信街 Muk Shun Street
  • 啟德橋 Kai Tak Bridge