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Our Mission

Kai Tak Development (KTD) is a huge and highly complex development project spanning a total planning area of over 320 hectares covering the ex-airport site together with the adjoining hinterland districts of Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong. KTD is a mega development project in the urban area, transforming the ex-airport site for the future development of Hong Kong and at the same time giving an impetus to stimulate the regeneration of the adjoining older districts. The Kai Tak Outline Zoning Plan has been formulated under the theme of developing Kai Tak into a heritage, green, sports and tourism hub so as to meet the public aspirations for a distinguished, vibrant, attractive and people-oriented area fronting the Victoria Harbour.

The role of the Kai Tak Office (KTO) is to lead and oversee the coordination and implementation of KTD within its intended timeframe. Arising from public aspirations for a quality design for KTD, the Head of KTO, H(KTO) is supported by a team of professional staff to oversee the progress of KTD and contribute directly and speedily in the design development of KTD to facilitate smooth implementation. To provide a clearer focus for public interaction, the H(KTO) will spearhead concerted efforts especially in the following areas –

  1. Co-ordination of the implementation of mega interfacing works projects in and around KTD under a tight programme
  2. Close steering of the planning, design, construction and public engagement/consultation of KTD infrastructure works
  3. Enhanced integration of KTD with the adjacent districts through elevated landscaped walkways, footbridges, subways and at-grade crossings
  4. Implementation of infrastructure projects to enhance walkability and connectivity in Kowloon East and San Po Kong Business Area to suit the major developments complementing the on-going transformation of Kowloon East into the second Core Business District
  5. Realisation of the Green Way network and enhanced green features in KTD and quality urban and landscape design to achieve the planning vision of KTD

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