The DFS reveals that the construction of a single elevated mode of EFLS in KE will encounter lots of technical complications and challenges, particularly for those parts in developed areas. For instance, it would be difficult for the proposed EFLS to be efficiently constructed in the narrow road space and crowded environment of the area, such as Hoi Yuen Road in Kwun Tong; it would be technically challenging to construct the EFLS structures above the Kwun Tong Bypass and the elevated bridge of MTR railway line without affecting the operations and safety of the railway and road traffic underneath; and it would also be difficult for the EFLS to run through Hoi Yuen Road and meet the statutory requirements of emergency vehicular access thereat. The DFS also reveals that, in the presence of the above major technical complications and challenges, the construction cost and recurrent cost of providing such an elevated mode system in the area would be very costly, thus not a sustainable and pursuable option for the EFLS.

On the other hand, there is already a diversified, effective and convenient public transport service network in KE, comprising railway lines, numerous franchised bus routes and green minibus (GMB) routes, to connect KE with other districts and serve people to and fro different destinations. Regarding railway connectivity, apart from the Kwun Tong Line, the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 providing connection between Tai Wai Station and Kai Tak Station commissioned in mid-February 2020. Upon commissioning of the entire Tuen Ma Line in the third quarter of this year, a more convenient and efficient railway service commuting between KE, New Territories East and New Territories West will be available to serve the people thereat. As for road-based public transport services, there are currently more than 130 franchised bus routes and more than 30 GMB routes serving KE.

In the Kai Tak Development (KTD) Area, apart from the commissioned Shing Kai Road and Kai Sun Road as well as the widened Shing Cheong Road and Shing Fung Road, Road D3 (Metro Park Section) has commenced construction in full steam for completion by 2022, providing connection to Shing Kai Road, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (HKCH). Upon completion of the said road works, the transport infrastructure of KTD will be further enhanced. On the provisioning of inter-district roads, the Government is proactively taking forward the Route 6 project to directly link up West Kowloon and Tseung Kwan O, thus providing traffic relief to the major east-west road corridors in Kowloon and Tseung Kwan O. 

The DFS reveals that on the basis of the increasingly comprehensive road and railway infrastructures facilities, as well as convenient public transport services provision in the area, it is recommendable to implement a supplementary “multi-modal” EFLS in KE, which can meet the travelling need of people and connect with the neighbouring areas conveniently and shape KTD into a green community.

Multi-modal EFLS for Kowloon East