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Environmentally Friendly Linkage System
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Welcome to the "Connecting Kowloon East – Environmentally Friendly Linkage System" website.

Here you will find detailed information on the proposed core connectivity solution that will cement the transformation of Kowloon East into another premier Central Business District (CBD) and a vibrant hub of leisure, recreation and tourism activities. The new CBD will be critical to sustain the long-term economic growth of Hong Kong. As the CBD in Kowloon East grows, transportation serving the area will gradually evolve into an integrated multi-modal linkage system with an environmentally friendly linkage system (EFLS) at its heart, offering the high-quality connectivity essential for the district’s success.

The Civil Engineering and Development Department has just completed a two-stage public consultation on the EFLS. The first stage was held from February to October 2012. The views and suggestions received during Stage 1 were analysed to identify issues of concern. At the Stage 2 public consultation held between 28 October 2013 and 4 February 2014, we responded to the identified issues and sought views and suggestions on a proposed detailed feasibility study to address these concerns before committing to project implementation.

Thank you for your participation in the two-stage public consultation of “Connecting Kowloon East – Environmentally Friendly Linkage System” and your valuable views.

Monorail at Kwun Tong (photomontage)

Monorail at Kwun Tong (photomontage)

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